Cribley Well Drilling Has a New Rig

2014 water well drilling rig f

If you or your kids love big rigs and “more power” you’ll love Cribley’s new 2014 Versa-Drill V-100NG Drilling Rig.

Made in the USA and mounted on a 2014 Peterbilt 340, our new Versa Drill was built with plenty of power to handle any water well drilling or Geothermal drilling job. This new 2014 Versa-Drill is the 3rd in our Cribley line-up and comes equipped with 500/200 air, 3×4 centrifugal mud pump, 15 rod carousel (31/2″ x 20″, 9GPM water injection, built in 2″Bowie grouter, 12K winches with job booms, hose reel, and mounted on a 2014 Peterbilt 6×6.

Let’s just say it’s a beauty.

Austin Clark

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