Author: Austin Clark

Cribley/Champion Water Treatment


Ever notice that when there’s a storm, whether its 8 inches of snow or a tornado, the first thing to sell out at the grocery store is bottled water.

Save yourself the stress and keep a couple of 5 gallon bottles of pure Champion water on hand.

Even better, buy a water cooler/heater and have the convenience of pure water handy at all times.

The only thing more important than food is pure drinking water. Call Cribley/Champion today and check out the reasonable prices for water coolers/heaters. You’ll be glad you did.

Cribley Well Drilling and Champion Water Treatment, two great names one great company.  Call 800 697-6485 or 734 426-4400 whenever you need us.

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Drilling a well near a lake

Depending on geologic and groundwater conditions, the type of well and location of well is always critical for your family’s needs.

When you live on a lake, the type and location of your well is even more important. Call Cribley Well Drilling for new wells and well repair. We offer 24 hour emergency service.

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Cribley Well Drilling Goes to the Library

thumb_librarybigrig2014a 526x640 thumb_librarybigrig2014b 800x600

Our Big Rig Goes to the Library


We hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the “Big Truck and Emergency Vehicle Day” at Dexter District Library. The weather was perfect, the crowd was large, and our big well drilling rig was a hit for young and old alike.

And yes, Jack Clark came out of retirement (again) to share his love for big rigs and well drilling with the great folks that attended the Library’s event. Cribley Well Drilling hopes this becomes an annual event.

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Jack Clark Drills a Well at North Lake

Cribley Well Drilling’s Version of “The Old Man and the Sea”.

Yes, Hemingway’s “Old Man and the Sea” is a classic work. Here at Cribley Well Drilling we have our own version of classic work.

When a delicate touch was needed to get a well drilled on North Lake, we had to send in the old rig and “the old man”.  Yes, Jack Clark was called out of retirement to lend a steady eye and hand to the project. When called on to get the job done, you can count on Cribley Well Drilling. Owned and operated by the Clark family since 1963.

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Cribley Well Drilling Has a New Rig

2014 water well drilling rig f

If you or your kids love big rigs and “more power” you’ll love Cribley’s new 2014 Versa-Drill V-100NG Drilling Rig.

Made in the USA and mounted on a 2014 Peterbilt 340, our new Versa Drill was built with plenty of power to handle any water well drilling or Geothermal drilling job. This new 2014 Versa-Drill is the 3rd in our Cribley line-up and comes equipped with 500/200 air, 3×4 centrifugal mud pump, 15 rod carousel (31/2″ x 20″, 9GPM water injection, built in 2″Bowie grouter, 12K winches with job booms, hose reel, and mounted on a 2014 Peterbilt 6×6.

Let’s just say it’s a beauty.

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See Our Ad in the 2014 Homeowner’s Guide


We are a proud member of the Builder’s & Remodelers Association of Greater Ann Arbor. See our ad on page 56 of the 2014 Homeowner’s Guide. Thank you!

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14th Coldest Winter in History Has Been Hard on Water Wells


With 4 – 5 record setting cold days and counting, this winter will go down as the 14th coldest (on average) in history. The coldest ever reported was the winter of 1902 – 03.

This cold winter has brought a rash of No Water emergencies. Some we are sure were caused by freezing pipes and the cold weather.  Others we just suspected were helped along by the cold.

If you have a no water emergency call us at 800 697-6485 for 24-7 emergency service.

Watch this article for more information on cold water well and pump information.

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Reverse Osmosis – Best Water Around

Mos2_reverseosmossist will agree there is nothing more important for good health than pure drinking water.  Many feel a quality Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System is the best way to provide pure water.  A good reverse osmosis system will remove 90 – 95% of contaminants from your water.

What makes a good system?

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems typically include a number of steps:

  • a sediment filter to trap particles, including rust and calcium carbonate
  • optionally, a second sediment filter with smaller pores
  • an activated carbon filter to trap organic chemicals and chlorine, which will attack and degrade thin film composite membrane reverse osmosis membranes
  • a reverse osmosis (RO) filter, which is a thin film composite membrane (TFM or TFC)
  • optionally, a second carbon filter to capture those chemicals not removed by the RO membrane

Whether you understand the process or have heard from friends and neighbors, Reverse Osmosis Drinking Systems provide the best water around. Call Champion Water @800 697-6485 for more information.

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Letters From Our Happy Customers


10/6/13  Dear Cribley Drilling Company, Your company drilled three wells for a closed-loop geothermal system in our front yard last Monday September 30. Troy and Travis (plus a lot of impressive machinery) did this job for us, and I wanted to thank you and especially them for doing a great job. They worked extremely well together, and went to late hours to get the job done in one day. They also took care to do minimal damage to the yard, which was difficult due to tight restrictions of room to maneuver. We really appreciate the extra effort by these two guys, they are a definite credit to your company. -Steve Olson Ann Arbor


9/28/13  Cribley Drilling Company, I recently had some work done at my home by your company and wanted to commend the men who did the job. I don’t have the names of all of them, but both teams of two men were very impressive as being professional. In a business where more time is more money, these men got right to their task and worked quickly and efficiently together to get the job done. Each man knew what the other man needed without having to be told or asked to do anything. I am 86 years old. I had worked as a foreman for many years and I have never seen this kind of teamwork at my job or anywhere else. In a time when people tend not to take pride in a job well done, I would just like to say that these men did a job, did it well, and I am pleased to have made their acquaintance. Word of mouth is the best advertisement and I will be sharing this experience with others. Thank you. -Don Eiseman

Cribley Well Drilling and Champion Water Treatment, two great names one great company.

Call 800-697-6485 whenever you need us.

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Hard Water or Soft Water? It Really is Your Choice!

water testing

Hard Water or Soft Water, It Really is Your Choice!

What are the symptoms of hard water anyway?  Some of us Michiganders think the water isn’t really hard until we can drill a hole in it and start fishing. On a serious note; with the geological make-up of many parts of Michigan, hard water is the norm not the exception.

If you’re not sure about the quality of your water, have it tested. We’ll be glad to help you with the testing.

So we have hard water in Michigan.  Sometimes our “city water” is still hard or contains contaminates we don’t want to consume.  How do we soften our water?

The basic answer is, we replace (known as ion exchange) the harmful minerals, calcium, magnesium, iron, etc. with a safer mineral.  Usually this is sodium (softener salt) but sometimes potassium chloride (a bit more expensive) is better.  This is where a good water softener comes in.  And good (we feel Dura-Cube is the best) softener salt is important.  If your iron content (turns your clothing red and is HARD on the plumbing and fixtures) is too high to be controlled by Dura-Cube Red, you may need an iron filter.

Of course the ultimate water softening and water purification system is the reverse osmosis system.  Watch for a future BLOG dedicated to reverse osmosis.

Years ago one of the top engine oil companies ran a catchy marketing program.  Their theme line was “you can pay me now (buy good motor oil) or you can pay me later (replace your motor). Well you can pay me now (a great water treatment system and great softener salt) or you can pay later (damage to clothing, plumbing fixtures, water softeners, and your health).

Hard water or soft water…the choice is really yours.

Cribley Well Drilling and Champion Water Treatment, two great names one great company.

Call 800 697-6485 whenever you need us.

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