The Rustbuster


The key ingredient to any system that has extremely high iron is the Rust Buster.  This iron removal system is installed in front of the water conditioner to catch all the iron before it can do any irreparable harm to your plumbing system.  There is no need for harmful chemical additives to backwash this filter.  When it is time to regenerate, the system will automatically begin back washing using only water.  There is no need for salt to regenerates.

The difference between the Rustbuster and most other systems is the ingenious air injector.  When the air is injected, the iron in the water is oxidized to create particles that can be trapped by the filter.  By removing iron, the iron filter protects the water softener from solid iron build-up and eliminates the taste and odor associated with iron and sulfur.  It will also extend the life of the softener.

The Quicksilver Rust Buster Iron Removal System is capable of removing up to 25 ppm of iron, up to 2-3 ppm sulfur, and needs no periodic maintenance.  There are no filters to change and no salt to add.

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