The Twin


The Twin is recommended for heavy residential use (5 or more people in the home), The Twin water softener system delivers a continuous supply of conditioned water through the meter controlled duplex control valve. There is never any hard water by-passed, just uninterrupted clean pure water.

Another advantage of The Twin is that when it regenerates, it uses pure softened water for a more thorough regeneration. The Twin regenerates as soon as the control valve determines the tank capacity is exhausted. Since the system does not need to wait until the middle of the night to regenerate, it needs no clock; therefore power outages cannot throw off the cycle time.

Metered water conditioners that have a single resin tank must have a one day reserve of soft water built into the program. This means that the water conditioner may need to regenerate before the tank is exhausted to be sure there is enough conditioned water to make it through the next day. The Twin can wait until the very last gallon of conditioned water is used because of the second resin tank.

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