When is the best time to get a well drilled when building a new home?

It is usually best to have the well drilled first so you know that you will have water when the house is completed.  The latest the well should be drilled is during the drywall stage of construction if at all possible.  Finding water on most sites is not a problem.  However, if the house is started or worse yet, near completion and a dry hole is drilled, it could be quite unnerving.  Some areas in Washtenaw county are designated “well first” by the local health department.  These sites must have a completed well (not including the pump or finish hook-up to get a building permit.  To find out if you are in a well first area (when building a new home in Washtenaw county) check with the health department.  If you are hoping to do a well later in the building process, you should at least check with Cribley Drilling to see if your site is located in a known “good” area for finding water.  The following townships (Augusta, superior, and York) are designated completely well first in addition to parts of other townships within Washtenaw county.

Austin Clark

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