Will my well go dry in the future or if I use too much water?

It is unlikely this will happen.  In Michigan, we are fortunate to have an abundant supply of water that consists of huge aquifers that are sometimes interconnected.  These are merely underground pockets of sand, gravel or bedrock that contain vast quantities of water and are constantly being replenished.  The most common misconception about wells going dry related to older wells that have become clogged with mineral deposits and do not produce as much water as they once did.  If this occurs, there is a possibility that the well can be reconditioned to alleviate the problem.  If a well is in fact going dry, it can usually be drilled deeper using the same casing if it is a bedrock well.  If the well is drilled into sand or gravel it would have to be replaced with a deeper well in hopes of find a better supply.

Austin Clark

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