Cribley Well Services


  • Residential, irrigation, type I, II & III wells
  • Water wells 4″-16″ drilled into sand, gravel or bedrock
  • PVC, galvanized or black steel casing
  • Test wells for new developments and other locations
  • Geothermal (open or closed loop)
  • Pond wells (automatic on-off available)
  • Test borings
  • Well abandonment
  • Well Chlorination and inspection
  • Free well estimates



  • We service all makes
  • Variable speed pumps
  • 24 hour dispatched service
  • Expert pump sizing
  • Test pumping


  • Dura-Cube salt pickup or delivery
  • 5 gallon bottled water pickup or delivery
  • Removal of iron, hardness, chlorine, bad taste, bad odor, sodium, lead, methane gas, sulfur, arsenic, nitrates, manganese, tannin, chloride, and more
  • Installation of water conditioners, iron filters, rust busters, and reverse osmosis systems
  • Service on most makes
  • Reverse Osmosis system installation
    Emergency Water Service.