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Dura-Cube Salt

na3043197Champion Water Treatment features Dura Cube softener salt, the choice of the pros.  It is available for delivery or pickup.  It features:

  • 99.8 pure salt.
  • Helps prevent mushing, channeling and bridging.
  • Designed to keep softeners clean and trouble free.
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Oasis Water Cooler



Champion Water Treatment also sells bottled water from our own deep bedrock water source. Our water is surprisingly pure to begin with, however we still put it through pretreatment to remove what little hardness and iron it contains. Then it is processed through reverse osmosis. The final step is to pass it through an ozone system. After that it is immediately bottled in 5 gallon bottles ready for you to pick it up or for our delivery personnel to bring it to your home or office. Our customers demand high quality water and we deliver in more ways than one. Champion also sells and rents water coolers.

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The Quicksilver Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System


The Quicksilver Drinking Water System provides drinking water to an area of choice in your household.  It will improve the taste of your water by removing up to 95% of minerals and hazardous contaminants that make water taste and smell bad.  One of the biggest advantages this drinking water system offers is the removal of sodium the water conditioner leaves behind.

The Quicksilver system will save you money by replacing the need for expensive bottled water.  There is no need for weekly bottle deliveries or trips to the supermarket to pick up heavy jugs of water.  The purified water is at your finger tips.  Typically the reverse osmosis water is dispensed from a separate faucet next to a kitchen sink and a refrigerator equipped with and ice and/or water dispenser.

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The Rustbuster


The key ingredient to any system that has extremely high iron is the Rust Buster.  This iron removal system is installed in front of the water conditioner to catch all the iron before it can do any irreparable harm to your plumbing system.  There is no need for harmful chemical additives to backwash this filter.  When it is time to regenerate, the system will automatically begin back washing using only water.  There is no need for salt to regenerates.

The difference between the Rustbuster and most other systems is the ingenious air injector.  When the air is injected, the iron in the water is oxidized to create particles that can be trapped by the filter.  By removing iron, the iron filter protects the water softener from solid iron build-up and eliminates the taste and odor associated with iron and sulfur.  It will also extend the life of the softener.

The Quicksilver Rust Buster Iron Removal System is capable of removing up to 25 ppm of iron, up to 2-3 ppm sulfur, and needs no periodic maintenance.  There are no filters to change and no salt to add.

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The Champ


The Champ water conditioner is a single tank design packing a lot of punch.  It has a five cycle heavy duty control valve and comes standard with a demand regeneration meter.

The Champ is our most popular water softener because it delivers quality at a great value.  The ingenious Champ meter is engineered to save you money on salt and water.  This system will regenerate with water and salt only when the meter indicates the procedure.  If your family has not used the capacity of the water conditioner, it will not cycle like a standard system without a meter.

The program is also set for a one day water reserve to provide soft water throughout the day until the softener can regenerate during the night.  For the homeowner that is looking for top notch quality and value from a water conditioner, the Champ is the natural choice.

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The Challenger


The Challenger is a good way to get a quality water conditioner at a great value.  The Challenger comes standard with demand regeneration meter and can handle many of the same conditions that the Champ or Twin can.  With a simpler design, it has been the choice that many have selected to condition their water.

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The Twin


The Twin is recommended for heavy residential use (5 or more people in the home), The Twin water softener system delivers a continuous supply of conditioned water through the meter controlled duplex control valve. There is never any hard water by-passed, just uninterrupted clean pure water.

Another advantage of The Twin is that when it regenerates, it uses pure softened water for a more thorough regeneration. The Twin regenerates as soon as the control valve determines the tank capacity is exhausted. Since the system does not need to wait until the middle of the night to regenerate, it needs no clock; therefore power outages cannot throw off the cycle time.

Metered water conditioners that have a single resin tank must have a one day reserve of soft water built into the program. This means that the water conditioner may need to regenerate before the tank is exhausted to be sure there is enough conditioned water to make it through the next day. The Twin can wait until the very last gallon of conditioned water is used because of the second resin tank.

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How much sodium is in soft water?

140mg of sodium is typically in quart of soft water.  In comparison, a slice of bread is typically 70mg of sodium, and a slice of pizza about 1100mg.  The average American takes in about 5000 mg of sodium per day.

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Will a water softener remove iron?

If the water conditioner system is sized correctly and the iron is dissolved in the water, the system will typically remove all iron.  Extreme cases will need a pre treatment of some kind ahead of the softener to properly remove all of the iron.

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