Cribley Well Drilling is Hiring

Cribley Well Drilling is looking to hire several motivated individuals to train in the water well industry.  Duties will include working with lead crew members on well Drilling, well Hook up, and well service.   A Class B-CDL with tanker endorsement would be very useful in our line of work; although a CDL certification it is not required it would be a great addition to your application.  Hourly wages will depend on your qualifications.    We ask that any applicants be prepared to work until the job is complete, also be physically able to lift 50-95lbs.   Benefits are available as well as 401k program with a company match (401K age requirement 21 and one year of service). 

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Thank You Bubba & W4 Country!

Thank You Bubba and W4 Country

Thank you Bubba and W4 Country for helping with our recent Facebook contest drawing. It was nice visiting the studio and Bubba did a great job making us feel at home.

The drawing included all of our Facebook Likes.

For the 2 winners, visit our Facebook page. Please feel free to Like us and be part of the next drawing.

Tim Clark

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70 Years of Well Drilling and Thousands of Thank Yous

3 generations of Cribley

Yes, Cribley Drilling Company is celebrating 70 years of well drilling and the thousands of loyal customers we have thanked for trusting us with their family’s water well and treatment systems over those years.  It’s been a pleasure serving all of you.  As we look forward to the next 70 years and many more thank yous to come, we can’t help getting excited about what the future holds and what new technologies and techniques we will use to better serve you.  After all, water is our business and our passion.

We are also proud of our Champion Water Treatment division.  A service we have been providing since 1979 to filter and soften water from the wells we constructed and also the ones done by others.

During 2016, we will be adding personal comments to this BLOG and offering some specials, as well as drawings for gift cards on our Facebook page.  So be sure to join our mailing list (to the left the right of this post under Champion Water) and like us on Facebook.

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Cribley/Champion Water Treatment


Ever notice that when there’s a storm, whether its 8 inches of snow or a tornado, the first thing to sell out at the grocery store is bottled water.

Save yourself the stress and keep a couple of 5 gallon bottles of pure Champion water on hand.

Even better, buy a water cooler/heater and have the convenience of pure water handy at all times.

The only thing more important than food is pure drinking water. Call Cribley/Champion today and check out the reasonable prices for water coolers/heaters. You’ll be glad you did.

Cribley Well Drilling and Champion Water Treatment, two great names one great company.  Call 800 697-6485 or 734 426-4400 whenever you need us.

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Drilling a well near a lake

Depending on geologic and groundwater conditions, the type of well and location of well is always critical for your family’s needs.

When you live on a lake, the type and location of your well is even more important. Call Cribley Well Drilling for new wells and well repair. We offer 24 hour emergency service.

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Cribley Well Drilling Goes to the Library

thumb_librarybigrig2014a 526x640 thumb_librarybigrig2014b 800x600

Our Big Rig Goes to the Library


We hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the “Big Truck and Emergency Vehicle Day” at Dexter District Library. The weather was perfect, the crowd was large, and our big well drilling rig was a hit for young and old alike.

And yes, Jack Clark came out of retirement (again) to share his love for big rigs and well drilling with the great folks that attended the Library’s event. Cribley Well Drilling hopes this becomes an annual event.

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Jack Clark Drills a Well at North Lake

Cribley Well Drilling’s Version of “The Old Man and the Sea”.

Yes, Hemingway’s “Old Man and the Sea” is a classic work. Here at Cribley Well Drilling we have our own version of classic work.

When a delicate touch was needed to get a well drilled on North Lake, we had to send in the old rig and “the old man”.  Yes, Jack Clark was called out of retirement to lend a steady eye and hand to the project. When called on to get the job done, you can count on Cribley Well Drilling. Owned and operated by the Clark family since 1963.

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Cribley Well Drilling Has a New Rig

2014 water well drilling rig f

If you or your kids love big rigs and “more power” you’ll love Cribley’s new 2014 Versa-Drill V-100NG Drilling Rig.

Made in the USA and mounted on a 2014 Peterbilt 340, our new Versa Drill was built with plenty of power to handle any water well drilling or Geothermal drilling job. This new 2014 Versa-Drill is the 3rd in our Cribley line-up and comes equipped with 500/200 air, 3×4 centrifugal mud pump, 15 rod carousel (31/2″ x 20″, 9GPM water injection, built in 2″Bowie grouter, 12K winches with job booms, hose reel, and mounted on a 2014 Peterbilt 6×6.

Let’s just say it’s a beauty.

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See Our Ad in the 2014 Homeowner’s Guide


We are a proud member of the Builder’s & Remodelers Association of Greater Ann Arbor. See our ad on page 56 of the 2014 Homeowner’s Guide. Thank you!

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14th Coldest Winter in History Has Been Hard on Water Wells


With 4 – 5 record setting cold days and counting, this winter will go down as the 14th coldest (on average) in history. The coldest ever reported was the winter of 1902 – 03.

This cold winter has brought a rash of No Water emergencies. Some we are sure were caused by freezing pipes and the cold weather.  Others we just suspected were helped along by the cold.

If you have a no water emergency call us at 800 697-6485 for 24-7 emergency service.

Watch this article for more information on cold water well and pump information.

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