8300 Dexter-Chelsea Road
Dexter, MI 48130
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8300 Dexter-Chelsea Rd
Dexter, MI 48130
(800) 697-6485

Well Drilling

Cribley Drilling

Your Drilling & Well Services Experts

Clean, fresh water has always been a trademark of healthy living. But with rural living comes water issues such as hard water, residual iron in the laundry or in the building’s facilities, along with well pump failures are a reality. When residents of Whitmore Lake want solutions they reach out to Cribley Well Drilling and Champion Water Treatment to tackle the issues.

Since 1946, Cribley Well Drilling has served the Whitmore Lake area with well drilling services for both new and existing water sources. The mud rotary well drilling crews have served the Whitmore Lake community with expertise that is untouched by competitors. From quality well construction to the completion of well pump installation, having an ample and free-flowing water supply is crucial to the residents and commercial dwellers of southeast Michigan.

With the addition of a water treatment division, Champion Water Treatment completes the well services needed for a natural water source. Water treatment services include removal of odors, tannins, chloride, nitrates plus additional bad tastes found from direct water origins. The installation of water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, and iron filters bring a better tasting and odor free water treatment solution to Whitmore Lake homes and offices.

We’ve completed over 19,000 wells and 22,000 pump installations. Now our most important job is yours!

Types of Wells We Service and Install


  • Residential, irrigation, type I, II & III wells
  • Water wells 4″-16″ drilled into sand, gravel or bedrock
  • PVC, galvanized or black steel casing
  • Test wells for new developments and other locations
  • Geothermal (open or closed loop)
  • Pond wells (automatic on-off available)
  • Test borings
  • Well abandonment
  • Well Chlorination and inspection
  • Free well estimates