8300 Dexter-Chelsea Road
Dexter, MI 48130
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8300 Dexter-Chelsea Rd
Dexter, MI 48130
(800) 697-6485


14th Coldest Winter in History Has Been Hard on Water Wells

Written By cribleyadmin

March 3, 2014

With 4 – 5 record setting cold days and counting, this winter will go down as the 14th coldest (on average) in history. The coldest ever reported was the winter of 1902 – 03.

This cold winter has brought a rash of No Water emergencies. Some we are sure were caused by freezing pipes and the cold weather.  Others we just suspected were helped along by the cold.

If you have a no water emergency call us at 800 697-6485 for 24-7 emergency service.

Watch this article for more information on cold water well and pump information.

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